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We usually search for the good places, and the best foods when travelling to a foreign country. For all of you who plans to visit Thailand, or any other country, finding out the must-try foods is essential to complete the whole adventure.

Thai cuisine is always known for its spicy, exotic, and striking flavours, all well-blended to create an extravagant food experience. Here are the top 5 best Thai dishes that you must try when you visit Thailand:

1. Tom Yum Goong

This dish is perfect for those who want a combination of spicy and sour seafood soup. It is made of chilli peppers, cilantro, fish sauce, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, limes, mushroom, Nam Prig Pow or chili paste, and shrimp. What’s interesting in this soup is its distinct kaffir lime leaves aroma which makes the dish even more authentic. Thai foodies agree that you can’t substitute these leaves with any other flavouring because it will taste different which kinda defeats the purpose of eating an authentic Thai food.

2. Pad Thai

If you happen to get hungry as you stroll around the streets of Bangkok, street food goodies like Pad Thai can surely satisfy you. Pad Thai or  or phad thai is a stir-fried rice noodle served with eggs, vegetables and tofu enriched with a sauce made of tamarind, fish, dried shrimp, garlic, red chilli pepper and sugar. I can easily imagine how colorful and flavourful it would be just by enumerating its ingredients.

Also, In an article in Al Jazeera, Pad Thai had been a staple food during the World War II when food shortage was rampant [1]. This proves how old and deep the relationship of this food with the Thai people to be considered as one of their national dishes.

3. Som Tam

For people who don’t fancy salads, like me, Som Tam has some very interesting ingredient and method of preparation that can stir curiosity in your mouth. This dish is like heaven for vegetarians and salad lovers who love to explore and play with their daily salad cravings. Som Tam is a Thai green papaya salad came from the northeastern part of the Thailand which eventually spread all over the country [2]. In making this dish, you will use mortar and pestle to pound and mix the flavour with the green papaya. The salad gets its crunchy texture from the green papaya and some roasted peanuts combined. Palm sugar is used as its main dressing.

4. Pad Kra Pao

This is the best choice for people who have a cultural affinity for rice topped with meat and egg. It is popularly served as lunch because it is heavy and very easy to create. You may choose among beef, chicken, and pork that you want in your pad krapao. The paste is made by pounding garlic, chillies, and shallots, and then sauteing them with the meat of your choice.

5. Khao Pad

Here’s another dish for the rice lovers out there. Khao pad is basically a stir-fried rice with a mix of vegetables and spices. What I’m most excited about in this dish is its thai sriraja chili sauce combined with soy sauce, and lime juice. You can also add some scallions in it to add a little more of the seafood flavor.

Upon making this list, I had indulged myself with Thai culture, which made me want to visit the country even more. Those mouthwatering dishes are surely something to look forward to. Although, you can always visit the nearest Thai restaurant in your place to satisfy your craving for legit Thai foods. Or, you can create it yourself.





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